MicroRNAs在胃癌中的研究进展 被引量:4

Research advances of microRNAs in gastric cancer
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摘要 目的:总结microRNA(miR-NA)与胃癌之间关系的研究现状,探讨其在胃癌发生发展及其预后中的重要作用。方法:应用PubMed及CNKI期刊全文数据库检索系统,以"microRNA、胃癌"等为关键词,检索2000-2009年的相关文献,共检到英文文献53篇和中文文献45篇。纳入标准为1)miRNA与胃癌基础研究,2)miRNA与胃癌临床研究,3)miRNA在胃癌诊治的前景。根据纳入标准,纳入分析29篇文献。结果:miRNA在胃癌的发生、发展及其复发转移中发挥重要作用,其在基因转录和翻译水平上形成一系列复杂的分子网络,调控胃癌最终的发展和转归。结论:胃癌中microRNA的表达模式不但与胃癌的诊断、分期、进展和预后相关,也为胃癌的基因治疗以及其他常规化疗药物的开发提供了新的研究方向和方法。 OBJECTIVE:To sum up the domestic and abroad articles related to the research on the relation between miRNA and gastric cancer,and explore the important effects and complicated mechanisms of miRNA in the development and prognosis of gastric cancer.METHODS:"microRNA and gastric cancer" were searched as key words by PubMed and CNKI series full-text database retrieval systems from 2000 to 2009.Totally 53 English papers of literature and 45 Chinese papers were obtained.Choice criteria: 1) the basic research of miRNA and gastric cancer;2) the clinical research of miRNA and gastric cancer;3) the prospect of miRNA in gastric cancer diagnosis and treatment.By extraction according to the choice criteria,29 papers were finally analyzed.RESULTS: MicroRNA plays a pivotal role in the development and metastasis of gastric cancer.Accommodation of miRNA is a series of complex molecular network which controls the final turnover of gastric cancer in the gene transcription and translation level.CONCLUSION: microRNA expression patterns are not only related to diagnosis,staging,progress and prognosis of gastric cancer,but also have provided a new research direction and method for gene therapy of gastric cancer as well as development of other conventional chemotherapy drugs.
作者 徐凌 郭传勇 XU Ling,GUO Chuan-yong Department of Gastroenterology,Tenth People's Hospital of Tongji University,Shanghai 200072,P.R.China
出处 《中华肿瘤防治杂志》 CAS 2010年第21期1792-1794,共3页 Chinese Journal of Cancer Prevention and Treatment
基金 上海市科委资助项目(08411963000)
关键词 胃肿瘤 MICRORNA 肿瘤发生 综述文献 gastric neoplasms microRNA tumorigenesis literature review
作者简介 徐凌,男,安徽望江人,博士,主要从事消化道肿瘤临床与基础的研究工作。Tel:86—21—66302535E—mail:xuling606@sina.com 郭传勇,男,安徽凤阳人,博士,主任医师,博士生导师,主要从事消化道疾病临床与基础的研究工作。Tel:86—21-66302535E—mail:guochuanyong@hotmail.com
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