NTIS大鼠血清及脑组织甲状腺激素水平及其转运蛋白OATP1C1和MCT8 mRNA变化 被引量:1

Changes of thyroid hormone and mRNA of OATP1C1 and MCT8 in serum and brain of rat with nonthyroidal illness syndrome
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摘要 目的观察非甲状腺疾病综合征(nonthyroidal illness syndrome,NTIS)大鼠血清及脑组织甲状腺激素水平及其转运蛋白有机阴离子转运多肽(organic anion transporting polypeptide 1C1,OATP1C1)和单羧酸转运蛋白(monocarboxylatetransporter 8,MCT8)mRNA的变化。方法选取成年SPF级SD雄性大鼠23只,分为正常组(n=12)和NTIS组(n=11)。NTIS动物采用肝纤维化模型,利用四氯化碳(1∶6)用玉米油稀释,0.025 ml腹腔注射,3次/周,共8周。正常组大鼠相同剂量玉米油,腹腔注射,3次/周,共8周。造模成功后2组利用水迷宫法测试学习记忆能力。随后处死,取血及脑组织,放免法测定血清甲状腺激素(T3、T4、rT3、TSH)及脑组织甲状腺激素(T3、T4、rT3);RT-PCR法测定脑组织中OATP1C1及MCT8 mRNA水平。结果①NTIS组血清T3、T4水平较正常组明显降低[T3(0.53±0.18)mmol/L vs(0.73±0.22)mmol/L,P〈0.05;T4(24.58±7.73)mmol/L vs(39.97±14.74)mmol/L,P〈0.01],rT3、TSH水平2组之间无显著性差异(P〉0.05);NTIS组脑组织中T3、T4浓度较正常组稍升高,但差异无统计学意义(P〉0.05);②NTIS组OATP1C1和MCT8 mRNA水平较正常组明显升高[OATP1C1 mRNA(0.054±0.032)vs(0.019±0.016),P〈0.01;MCT8 mRNA(0.058±0.048)vs(0.017±0.012),P〈0.05];③2组大鼠空间探索和定位航行之间无显著性差异(P〉0.05)。结论 NTIS大鼠脑内通过OATP1C1和MCT8代偿,保持脑内T3、T4水平相对稳定,从而维持中枢甲状腺功能正常。 Objective To investigate the changes of thyroid hormone level and mRNA expressions of thyroid hormone transporter organic anion transporting polypeptide1C1(OATP1C1) and monocarboxylate transporter 8(MCT8) in the sera and brain tissues of rats with nonthyroidal illness syndrome(NTIS).Methods Twenty-three male SD rats were divided into a control group(n=12) and a NTIS group(n=11).The rats of the NTIS group and the control group were given intraperitoneal injection of carbon tetrachloride(CCl4)(1∶6,diluted by corn oil) 0.025 ml and corn oil 0.025 ml,respectively,3 times/week for 8 weeks.Morris water-maze test was used to detect the ability of learning and memory of the rats.Then the rats were sacrificed and sera and brain tissues were collected.The levels of thyroid hormone(TH) in the sera(T3,T4,rT3 and TSH) and brain tissues(T3,T4 and rT3) were detected by radioimmunoassay(RIA),and the mRNA levels of OATP1C1 and MCT8 in the brain tissues were detected by RT-PCR.Results(1) The levels of T3 and T4 in the sera of the NTIS group decreased as compared with those of the control group [T3(0.53±0.18) mmol/L vs(0.73±0.22) mmol/L,T4(24.58±7.73) mmol/L vs(39.97±14.74) mmol/L;P0.05,P0.01].The levels of T3 and T4 in the brain tissues showed no significant difference between the two groups,although they slightly increased in the NTIS group.The levels of TSH and rT3 in the sera and brain tissues showed no significant differences between the 2 groups(P0.05).(2) The mRNA expressions of OATP1C1 and MCT8 in the brain tissues increased significantly in the NTIS group as compared with those in the control group.(3) The abilities of space exploration and place navigation of the rats between the 2 groups showed no significant difference(P0.05).Conclusion The compensated upregulations of OATP1C1 and MCT8 contribute to maintain a relatively stable TH level in the brains of rats with NTIS,so as to maintain normal functions of thyroid.
作者 袁大华 王群 Yuan Dahua,Wang Qun(1Department of Neurology,First People's Hospital of Foshan,Foshan,Guangdong Province,528000;2Department of Neurology,Nanfang Hospital,Southern Medical University,Guangzhou,Guangdong Province,510515,China)
出处 《第三军医大学学报》 CAS CSCD 北大核心 2012年第6期 517-521,共5页 Acta Academiae Medicinae Militaris Tertiae
关键词 非甲状腺疾病综合征 甲状腺激素 认知 转运蛋白 nonthyroidal illness syndrome thyroid hormone cognition thyroid hormone transporter
作者简介 [通信作者]王群,电话:(020)62741965,E—mail:zhpn@fimmu.com
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