肺腺癌骨转移裸小鼠模型的建立及MicroCT观察 被引量:4

Establishing the Nude Mice Bone Metastasis Model of Lung Adenocarcinoma and Applying MicroCT into the Observation
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摘要 背景与目的骨转移占晚期肺癌的50%-70%。本研究以体外侵袭、迁移能力不同的肺腺癌细胞系A549、H1299、SPC-A-1、XL-2为基础建立肺腺癌骨转移裸小鼠模型,MicroCT观察骨转移情况。方法将50只6 w-8 w龄裸小鼠随机平均分为5组,4个实验组左心室分别注射相应四种细胞悬液(0.2 mL/只);对照组左心室注射等量生理盐水。注射后第二周起定期对各组小鼠进行MicroCT扫描,当小鼠明显消瘦时此组观察结束,结束前行骨组织病理学检查;对各实验组出现的骨转移部位按中轴骨和四肢骨归类,比较这两种部位之间的转移率;根据各组出现骨转移所用平均时间、骨转移率,对各细胞系骨转移能力进行统计分析。结果经MicroCT、病理学检查确定,各实验组出现不同骨转移率,对照组小鼠无骨转移现象;各实验组中轴骨转移率均明显高于四肢骨,这与临床上肺癌骨转移规律一致,模型建立成功。各实验组间发生骨转移的小鼠数目及出现转移所用平均时间无明显差异。结论MicroCT能清晰地检测到骨质破坏,利于骨转移情况的判断;我们成功建立了肺腺癌骨转移模型,为以后探索出新的肺腺癌乃至肺癌骨转移临床预防和治疗方案提供基础;4种肺腺癌细胞系体外侵袭、迁移能力强弱不等,但体内骨转移能力没有明显差异,其原因还有待进一步的探索。 Background and objective 50%-70% of patients with advanced lung cancer will develop bone metastases.The aim of this study is to establish the nude mice bone metastasis model of lung adenocarcinoma using A549,H1299,SPC-A-1 and XL-2,all of which own different invasion and migration abilities in vitro and supervise the bone metastases by MicroCT.Methods fifty BALB/C-nu/nu nude mice were grouped into five groups on average randomly.Cells of the four cell lines were injected into the left cardiac ventricle of mice in the four experimental groups(0.2 mL/mouse) respectively;meanwhile,mice in the control group were injected with normal saline(0.2 mL/mouse) in the same manner.Periodical radiological examination was carried out to supervise the variation of the mice since the second week after injection.When mice in each group became thin obviously,end the experiment of this group.Before the end,pathological sections of bone tissues were made.We classified the bone metastatic sites into axial skeleton and limb bone,in order to compare the metastatic rates of these two different parts.The bone metastatic abilities of the four cell lines was statistically analyzed by comparing the average time cost in the appearance of bone metastases and the percentage of bone metastases among the experimental groups.Results Different metastatic sites which had been identified both by MicroCT and pathological sections appeared in each group of the four experimental groups.By contrast,no metastasis was observed in the control group.The percentage of cancer metastasizing to axial skeleton was remarkably higher than the percentage of tumor metastasizing to the limb bone in each experimentalgroup,which was consistent with the clinical regularity and characteristics of skeletal metastases with lung cancer.Thus,the model has been established triumphantly.However,there were no statistical differences in the average time consumed and skeletal metastatic rate among the four experimental groups.Conclusion The disruption in the bone can be cle
作者 崔永奇 耿沁 顾爱琴 朱淼鑫 孔韩卫 孙磊 刘蕾 闫明霞 姚明 Yongqi CUI, Qin GENG, Aiqin GU , Miaoxin ZHU, Hanwei KONG, Lei SUN, Lei LIU, Mingxia YAN, Ming YAO, Yongqi CUI , Qin GENG (1 State Key Laboratory of Oncogenes and Related Genes, Shanghai Cancer Institute, Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200032, China; 2Thoracic Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai 200030, China)
出处 《中国肺癌杂志》 CAS 北大核心 2013年第9期452-459,共8页 Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer
基金 上海市科学技术委员会科研计划(No.11140902100,No.12140901500)项目资助
关键词 肺腺癌 骨转移 裸小鼠模型 MICROCT Lung adenocarcinoma Bone metastasis Nude micemodel MicroCT
作者简介 通讯作者:姚明,E-mail:myao@shsci.org
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