规模化种猪育种与生产数字化管理体系建设及案例分析(Ⅵ):种公猪选育与监控 被引量:6

Digitize Management System and Case Analysis for Large-scale Pig Breeding and Production(VI): Selection and Monitor Management of Breeding Boars
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摘要 核心群种公猪在繁育体系“金字塔”中最重要、地位最独特,但是大多数种猪场由于对现代种猪育种认识的局限和群体规模的限制,对种公猪的选育难以符合实际育种需要,成为制约我国种猪育种最主要的障碍。本文重点从种公猪育种目标、选择流程、种公猪培育与监控、遗传交流等方面,对核心群种公猪选择和培育进行系统分析。建议育种场根据自身育种目标制订合理的选择指数,严格坚持“先指数、后体型”原则,适当关注血统。打破狭隘封闭意识,实施区域性种公猪资源共享,提高选择强度,改进种公猪培育成功率,优化种公猪年龄结构,加快种公猪更替。利用数字化手段强化种公猪监控,提高主动淘汰比例,整体上提升种猪育种效率。 Nuclus boars are the most important and special functional group in modem pyramid pig production system, but selection and utilization of breeding boars are major obstruction and can not satisfy practical pig breeding requirement in China, due to the limitation of breeder understanding for pig breeding and scale of nuclus population. In this paper, the selection and breeding of boars was analyzed from the point of breeding goals, selection procedure, boars breeding monitor and genetic exchange. It was suggested that a rational selection index for breeding goals should be determined, the boars should be ranked with the index, the conformation could be used for secondary selection, and then the pedigree needed to be properly balanced. It is necessary to reform the closed parochial breeding idea for national pig breeding, the top boars shall be widely used cross breeding herds, so that selection intensity for boars can be increased. For boar utilization, it need to improve successful rate of boar raising, to decrease the age of used boars and to accelerate replacement of nuclus boars In order to improve pig breeding efficient for breeding farms, boar management should be digitalization and increased breeding culling
作者 刘小红 刘敬顺 孙奕南 陈清森 李加琪 赵云翔 张丛林 陈瑶生 LIU Xiao-hong,LIU Jing-shun,SUN Yi-nan,CHEN Qing-sen,LI Jia-qi,ZHAO Yun-xiang,ZHANG Cong-lin,CHEN Yao-sheng(1. State Key Laboratory of Biocontrol, Guangdong Provincial Pig Improvement and Breeding Engineering Technological Research and Development Center,School of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou Guangdong 510475, China; 2. Pig Breeding Stock Company, Guangdong Wenshi Food Co. Lit., Xinxing Guangdong 527400, China; 3. Guangdong Yuanfeng Agriculture Co. Ltd., Fuqing Fujian 350319, China; 4. Guangxi Yangxiang Animal Husbandry Co. Ltd., Guigang Guangxi 537100, China; 5. College of Animal Science, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou Guangdong 510642, China)
出处 《中国畜牧杂志》 CAS 北大核心 2014年第18期60-69,共10页 Chinese Journal of Animal Science
基金 国家现代农业产业技术体系(CARS一36)、广东省现代农业产业技术体系建设专项、国家星火计划(2013GA790001)
关键词 猪育种 种公猪 选留与培育 数字化管理体系 pig breeding boars selection and breeding digitize management system
作者简介 刘小红(1970-),博士,研究员,研究方向为动物遗传育种与繁育,Email:liuxh8@mail.sysu.edu.cn; 刘敬顺(1971-),博士,研究方向为动物遗传育种与繁育,Email:13503060206@163.com 通讯作者:陈瑶生(1962~),博士,教授,研究方向为动物遗传育种与繁育,Email:chyaosh@mail.sysu.edu.cn
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